Set Up Events South Carolina (SCTS) FAQs

We are so glad you are racing with us and are here to help!  Please take a moment to review the FAQs below before shooting us an email. Most of your answers can be found in these FAQs and if it’s not on here, on the website or in the athlete guide, it probably should be. Generally someone can reply back within 48 hours during the week. However, please note that we are on site at events most weekends throughout the year so we’ll get back to you as soon as we can return to our office.

South Carolina Triathlon Series

For all information regarding series scoring and qualifying, please review the ENTIRE SCTS page at www.southcarolinatriathlonseries.com. Series standings, rules, scoring and awards details are all located on that page. 

Specific Event Related Information

Each of our event pages has helpful and detailed information. You will want to pay attention to ALL pages pertaining to any race (left hand side tabs or either across the top) so you don’t miss out on something important. We also create an ATHLETE GUIDE for each event that goes into specific detail. This is usually posted the week of the race and then emailed out to all registered participants. 


Refund/Deferral/Transfer Policy
Refunds - No refunds. Regardless if you get hurt, sick, get called in to work or have an emergency, the policy still applies. Please don’t ask for exceptions. 

Deferrals - We offer deferrals for most races. This means you move into the same race the following year. There may be a small fee for deferring. 
You can defer from within your registration profile. To defer you will log into your profile, select Manage Registration, Defer Registration and then follow the prompts from there. DEFERRAL HELP GUIDE

Transfers - We also offer the option to transfer into another race during the same year. This is not available for every race, but it is an option for some. You will handle this transfer from within your registration profile. Select Manage Registration, Transfer to Another Race and then continue with the prompts. TRANSFER RACE HELP GUIDE

Can I Purchase Race Registration Insurance?
YES! We understand that things happen at the worst time. Protect your entry fee with race insurance through a third party company. Each event offers this insurance during the registration process for a small fee and we cannot recommend it enough. This insurance will cover your entry fee if you cannot make it to the event for one of the covered reasons. Please review the covered reasons before filing a claim. If purchased, the insurance company will handle your claim directly. 
Remember this insurance does not apply if a race is canceled due to weather, hurricane, pandemic, etc. 

How do I make a claim with my Race Registration Insurance?
If you need to file a claim (refund your entry fee), you’ll want to visit this link HERE. Insurance must be purchased during registration and cannot be added at a later date. Please review all fine print, including the covered reasons, before filing a claim.

How Do I Register?
Go to the race page and select SIGN UP under the event you’re interested in. HELP GUIDE

How Do I Register for a Relay/Team/Group?
Select SIGN UP under the Relay Event on the race page. In RunSignup, you’ll often see “groups” instead of relay or team. HELP GUIDE

How do I know what races I am currently registered for?
RunSignup is the registration platform we use for our events. You can see all your current and past races by going to your profile - www.runsignup.com/profile

Relay Team Issues
You must create a team name and register your team. You will then need to contact your team members and have them log into their profiles (or create one) and select your team by name to join. Everyone will need to either put in their USAT member number or purchase a one day membership to complete the registration process. RELAY/TEAMS HELP GUIDE 1  or HELP GUIDE 2

How do I know what category to sign up for?
You’ll find explanations of race categories HERE.

Can I transfer into another event (triathlon to aquabike/aquathlon/relay etc)?
Yes, you may switch into another event for that same race and date. There is no fee to do this unless the event you are switching to is higher in price and must be done before online registration closes.  If the event you are switching to is less, there are NO refunds.  You can do this by editing your race registration from within your registration profile. Select Manage Registration and then Transfer Event. 

How do I change my category (Open/Elite, Novice, Clydesdale, Athena etc)?
You can make changes to your registration until race week. You’ll log into your profile to Manage Registration. Then you’ll select Questions to switch into another category. If this option is closed, then you can speak to the staff at packet pickup race weekend. CATEGORY CHANGE HELP GUIDE

How do I edit my swim time for a pool swim event?
You have the ability to edit your own registration up until race week. Log into your profile to Manage Registration. Then select Questions to update your estimated swim time. If this option is closed, then you can speak to the staff at packet pickup race weekend. SWIM TIME UPDATE HELP GUIDE

Can I Switch my entry to another distance within the same weekend at the same race site?
Yes, you may switch into another event for that same race and date. There is no fee to do this unless the event you are switching to is higher in price and must be done before online registration closes.  If the event you are switching to is less, there are NO refunds.  You can do this by editing your race registration from within your registration profile. Select Manage Registration and then Transfer Event. SWITCH DISTANCE HELP GUIDE

Can I Transfer My Registration to Another Athlete?
No. We do not allow transfers to other athletes for any reason.

If I've moved, do I need to notify you about my change of address?
Yes, please update your profile at RunSignUp so we have the most current information for you.

Can I get a refund for my registration?
No, your registration is non-refundable. This policy is agreed to during the registration process, is posted on each event page and does not change. We will enforce this for everyone regardless of reason. If you are worried that you may not be able to make a race, you have a few options:
1. Wait to register. Entry fees will increase as the race date gets closer so keep that in mind.
2. Purchase Race Insurance (see above for information).
3. Defer to the following year or transfer to another race if possible. 

How do I defer my entry?
Log into your profile, select Manage Registration, Defer Registration and then follow the prompts from there. DEFERRAL HELP GUIDE

How do I claim a deferral and register for this year?
Log into your profile, select the Deferrals tab and then Complete Deferral. Please note that registration must be OPEN for you to claim a deferral. CLAIM DEFERRAL HELP GUIDE

How do I transfer to another race?
You will handle a transfer from within your registration profile. Select Manage Registration, Transfer to Another Race and then continue with the prompts. TRANSFER RACE HELP GUIDE


USA Triathlon

What is USA Triathlon (USAT)?
USA Triathlon is the US National governing body for the sport of triathlon. All SCTS triathlons are sanctioned by USAT. This means that all racers must be either an annual member of USAT or they must purchase a “one-day” USAT membership license. This membership provides the necessary liability and excess medical coverage necessary to host an event.

USAT website  - https://www.teamusa.org/usa-triathlon

What is the USAT verification process?
Our registration system through RunSignup is directly integrated with USAT and will verify your membership during the registration process. You will either have to enter a valid membership number or purchase a membership during registration. If you enter an incorrect or expired membership number, then it will not allow you to continue. Please make sure your name during registration matches your USAT membership. If you have trouble with the membership, then you’ll need to contact the membership team at USA Triathlon. 

What is the “Age Up” policy for USA Triathlon?
All sanctioned triathlons will set participant ages as of December 31st. For awards, series scoring purposes, and individual event scoring purposes they will be considered that age for the entire year, regardless of when their birthday is.

Can I get a refund for the USAT membership I purchased during registration?
The money for USAT membership goes directly to USAT during the registration process. We cannot give refunds on this. However you can reach out to USAT and they may be able to help you.

Packet PickUp

What do I need to bring?
USA Triathlon rules state you must present a photo ID at packet pickup. You will have verified your USAT membership or purchased the $15 one day fee when you registered. 

Can I pick up another person’s packet?
No. USA Triathlon rules state that you must pick up your own event packet with your own photo ID. This rule also applies to all relay team members. Each relay team member must pick up their own event packet. Please don’t ask us to make an exception. 


Can I use my own timing chip?
No. We provide the timing chip with its own velcro strap for you to use while racing. We will take it back as you cross the finish line.

What do I do with the timing chip if I have to abandon the event?
Please bring the chip back to the finish line. Please do NOT trust a volunteer with that chip.

What happens if I lose my chip at some point?
These chips are not cheap and must be replaced for the next event. If this happens you will be charged a $30 replacement fee. We will send you an invoice within a week of the race. You will be required to pay that invoice before you race in any other Set Up Events races. Lost chips are a rarity. Each year we lose less than ten chips for the entire year. If you attach the chip strap to your ankle correctly, you should not lose the chip.


Our weather policy is stated on each event page and you will agree to it during the registration process. We always want to have each event, but unfortunately there are some unforeseen circumstances that are out of our control. Here’s a sample of our policy:
In the event of inclement weather the following procedures will be followed:
The event will be postponed in hopes the inclement weather will pass. If the inclement weather does not pass in time to complete the event safely in the original or modified format, the event will be canceled. If the weather passes and the event cannot be held within the permitted time limits, the event will be changed to a duathlon format and possibly modified in length to meet these restrictions.
Every effort will be made to hold this event on time on this date. Should this event be canceled due to an Act of God or other circumstance beyond the race directors control there will be no refunds, credits, or transfers.
NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to this policy.
By registering for this event you agree to this weather policy.

Course Maps

Each event page will have a Course Maps tab or link. Please refer to those for all information regarding courses. We try to include elevation when possible. 

Swim Information

Will you have safety personnel?
Yes, we are required to have water safety (lifeguards, kayaks, or EMS) on hand at all events. They are there for emergencies only so please make sure you know how to swim prior to coming to race. 

What is the water temperature?
We don’t arrive on site until race weekend so we cannot provide you with more information than searching it online yourself. However you can read our Course Information on each event page and more than likely we can give you an idea on how the temperature has been in the past. 

Should I wear a wetsuit?
Wetsuits are faster for most triathletes and help us stay warmer in colder water. Experienced swimmers do not see as much of an advantage (if any) in wearing a wetsuit as far as speed is concerned. However the majority of triathletes wear them whenever they can because a wetsuit makes most people faster in the water.
If you don’t have access to a wetsuit, then we suggest trying to rent one. There are some online stores that are happy to help with that. Please note wearing a wetsuit takes some time to get accustomed so we suggest you practice prior to race day. 

What are the USA Triathlon rules regarding wearing a wetsuit?
We follow USAT rules (Article 4.4).
If the water temperature is 78 degrees or lower, wetsuits may be worn.
If the water temperature is 78.1-83.9 degrees, wetsuits may be worn but athletes will not be eligible for any awards and will not be scored for SCTS or USAT rankings. 
If the water temperature is 84 degrees or higher, wetsuits cannot be worn for any reason. 

Am I allowed to use special devices during the swim?
Please review the USAT guidelines HERE if you have questions on certain equipment. 


Do I have to finish within a certain amount of time?
Yes, most of our races have cut-off times. These cut-off times are in place for the benefit of race personnel (police, volunteers) and oftentimes permits require us to adhere to a cut-off. In all cases, these cut-off times are very lenient. While we don’t ever want to pull someone from the course, there are times in which safety becomes the priority. Cut-off times are posted on the event information pages.

How do pool swim triathlons work?
Pool swim triathlons have become a staple of the triathlon scene. Pool swim races allow us to begin the triathlon season earlier than normal, and also allow us to utilize venues with no open water options. At the race, athletes begin the swim one at a time approximately 1 person every 5-10 seconds. Participants will “snake” their way across the pool covering the required distance when they exit the pool.  Each pool is slightly different so you’ll want to review the swim course map for each event. For SCTS races, you will be asked to provide an estimated swim time during registration. Faster swimmers will go first. You will line up by bib number as lower bibs are seeded first. This allows us to ensure the pool swim goes smoothly. If you are a late registration, we will do our best to mix you into the line according to your estimated swim time. Your official time starts when you cross the timing mats as you enter the pool. 

How do open water swims work?
Most of our open water events will begin in waves. Depending on the size of the event, we usually have 3-7 total waves and each will be about 3-5 minutes apart. We post the wave breakdown in the athlete guide which you will find on each event page. There may be exceptions to which we utilize a time trial start format which is very similar to the pool swims in which each person begins every few seconds. 

Will there be aid stations on course?
You will want to check out each event page and athlete guide for particular details during a certain race. We do usually have at least one aid station on the run course regardless of the distance. We rarely have aid stations on the bike course except for half distance events. 

What are the USA Triathlon rules I must adhere to?
Because all of our triathlons are USAT sanctioned, we must comply with their rules. You can find a list of rules and common violations on the USAT website HERE. Occasionally we will have USAT officials on hand to monitor the event. 


Where do I find my results?
Most recent results can be found HERE.
Complete results for each event are located on each event page under the Results tab. During registration, you can sign up for a text or email that will have your results sent directly to you. There also may be a QR code on your bib to scan.
Depending on the event, you will find results back to around 2015-2016. We no longer have results from 2014 and prior. You could search other result outlets such as Athlinks though.

Are official results sent to USA Triathlon?
Yes. All of our SCTS Triathlons are sanctioned by USA Triathlon. We are required to submit those results within 14 days of each event. 


What time should I arrive on race day?
We always suggest a minimum of one hour prior to the official race start time. Keep in mind you have several things to do prior to starting so plan accordingly. Examples include body marking, pick up your timing chip, set your transition spot, warm up, go to the bathroom etc. The transition area will close for EVERYONE 10-15 minutes before the race starts. You will need to be ready by then so if you prefer not to be rushed, then come earlier. 

Do you send out correspondence during race week?
Yes, we send out an athlete email to all registrants the week of each event. Keep an eye out for it in your email (check your spam folder). This will have specific race information and include a link to the Athlete Guide. It is very important to review the Athlete Guide thoroughly so you are prepared before arriving at the race site. 

Training Extras

Resources from USA Triathlon
For more information on helping you reach your goals, check out this new initiative from USA Triathlon HERE.

Other Resource Ideas
Experienced triathletes are often your best resource. You can also find some helpful information by reaching out to local tri clubs or bike shops in your area. We also suggest using YouTube as there are also many videos on how to get started, how to set up a transition spot etc.